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DeckLok® Advanced Lateral Anchor Press & News Releases

deklok-pressHere are some important press releases and articles from print publications.

Press & News Articles

News ReleaseJun2015Updated ICC-ES ESR# 2114 Verifies that DeckLok Meets Code Requirements
News ReleaseAug2012DeckLok, Advanced Lateral Anchor Earns ICC-ES Evaluation Report
News ReleaseAug2012Screw Products, Inc. Introduces; DECKLOK, The Advanced Lateral Anchor
ProSalesMar2007Special Issue: 2007 Editor's Product Picks
Penninsula PublishingOct20062006 Brand Survey Winners
Builder News MagazineAug2006DeckLok Received 1st Place for Deck Fasteners Category in the BUILDERnews 2006 Brand Preference Survey!
LBM JournalApr2006Product Picks


  • For Use with Lumber or Engineered Flooring Systems
  • Use with Standard 1/2” Hot-Dipped Galvanized or Stainless Steel Bolts
  • Code Compliant Hot-Dipped Galvanized or 316 Stainless Steel
  • Easy to Install on Existing Structures or New Construction
  • Order Online or call Screw Products, Inc at 1.877.844.8880


Deck building, repair and remodeling are serious business. Please make sure you have the proper knowledge, skills, and tools to perform any services before starting. Please consult or hire a professional if there's any doubt.

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